I remember being broken in my bathroom. Sobbing. Crying


Listening to sad music so that the tears fell. Cutting


Remembering everything and anything in life I ever did wrong. Feeling guilty



I’m not sure what changed. I changed. But, why? How? When?

Today i am proud to say that i am me. Myself. Still wondering where am i going and getting lost sometimes. Falling from time to times. But i’m okey for sure. I’m stronger now



Tired of hearing the words “natural” or “normal”.

What do they really mean?

Here’s the answer

“Not made or caused by humankind”

People cannot choose their feelings. Sorry




We shouldn’t “expect” anything from someones nature or way of being. Society fucks us up. Don’t let people tell you that “expected” things or ways of thinking are okey. U. Do. Fucking. U. ❤